by Jim Starlin, Alan Davis, Mark Farmer & Jordan Boyd

Writer Jim Starlin launches The Infinity Entity with immaculate art from Alan Davis, Mark Farmer & Jordan Boyd. Out of all the recent work we’ve seen from Jim Starlin, Infinity Entity may be the greatest approximation of the writers strengths and weakness’s in 2016.

Infinity Entity follows up on recent Starlin OGN’s the creator has been making with Marvel centered around the Adam Warlock character. Here, Warlock has entered another parallel reality of the Marvel Universe where he now has the ability to traverse across time and space. He has a quick run in with an early version of the Avengers before going back to look over the Guardians Of The Galaxy and heal Gamora before closing out this issue with a challenge from the In-Betweener. The Infinity Entity #1 looks amazing and it’s an experience to behold in terms of it’s scope in storytelling. Illustrator Alan Davis is a master of the form but this is some of his strongest Marvel work in close to the two years. Infinity literally opens with the big bang and remains just as epic going forward with both cosmic and action scenes that are impressive in equal measure. The team of Davis, Farmer & Boyd construct an amazing visual narrative based on Stalin’s story direction and for the writers part, he is bringing a whole host of interesting idea’s and concepts to the table. With that said, Starlin’s biggest handicap has always been his reliance on exposition and that is on full display with Infinity Entity as the Adam Warlock character basically tell the reader everything that is happening in text on the page as it’s appears in the visual narrative. Your millage may vary depending on how much you value classic Marvel comics, in particular classic Marvel work by Starlin. Even from that angle, the dialogue can feel tedious at points and ultimately, the book amounts to very little in the way of actual plot for a single issue of a comic. Had this been the first 20+ pages of a graphic novel that aspect might have been a moot point but as a debut issue of a new series, it’s a hindrance.
Overall, Infinity Entity has enough in the way of excellence to overcome it’s flaws but those flaws are still pretty glaring. While this is certainly a comic I would recommend to readers, approach it with trepidation.