Alan Moore and Brian Michael Bendis Discuss Alias #5


PREVIOUSLY:  Some time ago, Alan Moore traveled to Portland to discuss comics with his fellow comics creators.  He is determined to discuss every issue of the Marvel Comics series Alias with Brian Michael Bendis


Recently, after Alan left the coffee shop, a mysterious creature warned Brian not to trust Alan…




…but Brian concluded he must have imagined the whole thing…

Today:  a Portland café – 9:30 a.m.  


Alias 5 Cover
ALIAS #5 – written by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Michael Gaydos, colors by Matt Hollingsworth, cover by David Mack… here’s a digital code for ALL-NEW ULTIMATES #9 – NTM0HUB57N1D. The first person to redeem the code at gets it!



Alias 5 Page
From ALIAS #5 – Do not shoot the four-hundred-dollar leather jacket!


Alan Moore and Brian Michael Bendis were not involved in the creation of this not-for-profit parody comic strip review of Alias #5.  The opinions expressed by the characters above were written by the author, and are not the opinions of Alan Moore and Brian Michael Bendis.