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Freeze Frame 4/21/2017

From Dark Horse Presents #33 by Ryan Browne

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Freeze Frame 3/24/2017

From Future Quest #11 by Evan Doc Shaner & Veronica Gandini

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The Haul: March 2017

Looking back on last month’s article, I came to the realization that I tend to add more books to a list than I’m actually able to read and, in may cases, afford. There are only so many hours left at the end of the day to tackle my pull list, and, while they are a passion, comic books are not my only hobby. On top of that, I’ve been reading a lot more “older” stuff lately. This list will be more realistic, conservative towards what I think I’ll actually read. If I get to more, great! I’d love to read every good book out there.

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The Haul: February 2017

After an almost three year hiatus (the last post came out on 4/30/14), I’ve decided to bring back my column “The Haul.” At its inception, I vowed to write something once a week. Not only did that not happen then, but I will not even pretend to make that claim again today. However, what I can promise is to pop in at least once a month for this new endeavor. When “The Haul” first debuted, it was meant as a place where I could talk about whatever was on my mind that week in the world of comics. Having that freedom was nice, but this next iteration will have better specified boundaries. By dropping a lens over this column, I can provide a clearer focus on what it is readers can expect.

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Freeze Frame 1/20/2017

From Green Arrow #15 by Juan Ferreyra
From Green Arrow #15 by Juan Ferreyra

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Freeze Frame 12/16/2016

From Mayday #2 by Tony Parker & Blond
From Mayday #2 by Tony Parker & Blond

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Freeze Frame 10/28/2016

From Image+ #6 by Malachi Ward
From Image+ #6 by Malachi Ward

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Freeze Frame 9/30/2016

From ODY-C !! by Christian Ward
From ODY-C 11 by Christian Ward

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Comic Convo: Image Comics Releases 8/17/2016

385280._SX640_QL80_TTD_Dean: After a slow past week of Image books we pick things up again with a Wednesday full of violent and visually stunning comics. Creighton is joining us for the talk this week. Creighton, what books did you read this week?

Cosmo: I read Descender, The Wicked + The Divine & I Hate Fairyland.
Let’s start off with Descender. I’ve been really enjoying this series, and thought that the current arc’s focus on filling in various characters’ background has been intriguing. So I was looking forward to seeing what Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen would do with the pet-bot. However, while it had the typically lush and lovely art from Nguyen, I was disappointed in the script. Unlike the previous two issues, it didn’t really tell us much about the character we did not know already. Not a bad issue; it definitely had some poignant moments. Just not as sharp as the previous two.  Continue reading Comic Convo: Image Comics Releases 8/17/2016

Freeze Frame 8/19/2016

From The WIcked + The Divine #22 by Jamie McKelvie & Matt Wilson
From The WIcked + The Divine #22 by Jamie McKelvie & Matt Wilson

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