Loose Ends A Week In Review

Loose Ends 8/28/2015


Amy Wallace looks at the Hugo Awards controversy on Wired-Pat

Warren Ellis  on going into online self publishing at Publishers Weekly-Pat

Excellent Quentin Tarintino interview on film, race & legacy at Vulture-Pat

Rick Remender talks going exclusively creator owned at CBR-Pat

Interesting article on Sktchd about retailer perspectives regarding All New-All Different slate of books, and the ordering process-Tyler

Check out DC Comics 1982 Style Guide-Pat

A list of graphic novels to look out for for by Ross Johnson at Barnes and Noble including some interesting books from the big two-Josh

Matt Kindt interview about MIND MGMT from Multiversity-Tyler

Kelly Thompson talks about what it means for Squirrel Girl to be a hit for this era of comics at Comics Should Be Good-Pat

Augie De Bileck analyzes Dustin Nyguen evolution from Wildcats 3.0 to Descender at CBR-Pat

Kevin Mahadoea picks the ten best dogs in comics for National Dog Day at Comics Should Be Good-Pat

James Whitbrook looks at the under usage of Monica Rambeua and praises the genius of Next Wave Agents of HATE at io9-Pat