now U can Cre-8 Comics too!


Back from the Gem City Con Comic, I’m suddenly filled with the urge to make my own comics. Seeing all those famous characters brought to life by the cosplayers makes me envious since I have no real characters of my own to speak of. But how can I change that? Where would I start in creating the next sensational, fictitious being? Thankfully, there is a book to help with that, a book called “UCre-8 Comics”!

Developed by Victor Dandridge through his self publishing studio Vantage In-House Productions, “Ucre-8 comics” is a comic book that teaches you how to develop your own characters.

It runs through all the basics that make up a superhero type character:

Morality (Good or Evil)

Power scale index (How powerful is your character?)

Specific power (What is your character’s individual power?)

Method of Acquisition (What methods did they follow to obtain their powers?)

Gender, body type, origin, and costume design. I find it really interesting that Race isn’t included as a a category. The last two pages of the book focus on illustrating the origin of your character’s origin. At the request of Mr.Dandridge, I can’t include exact pictures since his work is proprietary.

Using the book as a guide (and using some advice from Mr.Dandridge about challenging myself), I created a new character I call “Maiden Might!”, with above average strength and endurance but no extraordinary abilities. Here is my character’s bio:

24 year old Valarie Valdez is an average College Grad with a degree in Social Justice and a minor in Archaeology, living in Cincinnati Ohio. One day, she witnesses a robbery at the Museum of Ancient History and finds a mysterious amulet. Using the amulet summons a giant stone guardian who obeys her every command, and stops the robbers before they can escape. She decides to hang on to the amulet, but vows to use it only for the good of others.

I decided to recreate the last two pages of “Ucre-8 comics” to illustrate my character’s origin but still used the book as a guide:

The “Ucre-8 comics” is intuitive and easy to understand, perfect for various age groups to use. Added enjoyment can be had by having Mr.Dandridge give an animated presentation of examples to draw from, such as he did at Gem City.