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Podcast Episode Fifty Part One

This Year’s Finest 2016: Film

Captain America Civil War different sides

Spoilers (but not many)

2016 might have witnessed a fair amount of upheaval, but one thing remained constant: Hollywood’s love of superheroes is as strong as ever. While DC sat out 2015, Marvel saw three of their properties in theaters; this year The Big Two had six combined. Next year that will edge up to seven. In addition, geek-favorite franchises Star Trek and Star Wars continued their multi-year missions through galaxies far, far away. Almost all of them raked the ticket sales (analysists were divided on whether Star Trek Beyond fell short of breaking even or turned a modest profit). Either way, neither profit margins nor quantity of films produced equal quality. 2016 was a very mixed year in terms of artistic merit, as fans could be forgiven for experiencing whiplash when trying to create a double bill for some of these movies. Some films excelled by being able to break new ground, while others entertained with well-executed tried and true formulas. Some were an utter mess (and not simply in their murky CGI sequences). It could have been worse; viewers were denied anything quite as terrible as last year’s Fantastic Four. Then again, that is placing the bar quite low.

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Marvel Announces Generation X Creative Team

generation-x-teaserThe previously announced Generation X series will be written by Christina Strain who previously worked as a colorist on Runaways, World War Hulk, Spiderman Loves Mary Jane & Superman in addition to having worked in short films and being a staff writer on the Syfy TV series The Magicians. Generation X will have art by Amilcar Pinna of All New Ultimates, Green Lanterns: New Guardians & Superboy. More details at CBR

Marvel Reveals Creative Teams For Two New X-Men Series

xmenblue_teaserMarvel will be releasing two new X-Men team series titled X-Men Gold & X-Men Blue. X-Men Gold will be written by Marc Guggenheim of X-Men, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D & Squadron Sinister in addition to several of DC’s Arrowverse television series like Green Arrow, The Flash & Legends of Tomorrow. X-Men Gold will be drawn by Adrian Syaf of Action Comics, Batman/Superman, Batgirl & Brightest Day. X-Men Blue will be written by Cullen Bunn of Uncanny X-Men, Harrow County & Conan The Slayer with art from Jorge Molina of Star Wars, A-Force & Thor. More details at IGN