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A Man Called Logan


Logan. Jamie Howlett. Weapon X. The Wolverine. He’s known by many names, and he’s the best at what he does. A restless outsider whose an unstoppable killer, a masterless ronin whose often become a reluctant leader. Hugh Jackman has played the character consistently in live-action for close to 20 years now and made the role his own, and he’s apparently ready to hang up his claws after Logan. Over the course of four X-Men movies and three solo adventures, the man called Logan has survived many battles over his long life… Continue reading A Man Called Logan

Logan Movie Review


(No Spoilers)

There’s a Deadpool advert that played in my theater just before Logan started, which was short but entertaining. It was just what you expect from a two minute sketch of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool teasing his next film, but in spite of that, it was enjoyable none the less. Even if the beats are well-known and semi-predictable, there is viewing pleasure to be had in seeing how those beats are played out. Logan is in the same vein as that Deadpool advert, it delivers what you expect and does it well… Continue reading Logan Movie Review

Podcast Episode Fifty Part One

This Year’s Finest 2016: Film

Captain America Civil War different sides

Spoilers (but not many)

2016 might have witnessed a fair amount of upheaval, but one thing remained constant: Hollywood’s love of superheroes is as strong as ever. While DC sat out 2015, Marvel saw three of their properties in theaters; this year The Big Two had six combined. Next year that will edge up to seven. In addition, geek-favorite franchises Star Trek and Star Wars continued their multi-year missions through galaxies far, far away. Almost all of them raked the ticket sales (analysists were divided on whether Star Trek Beyond fell short of breaking even or turned a modest profit). Either way, neither profit margins nor quantity of films produced equal quality. 2016 was a very mixed year in terms of artistic merit, as fans could be forgiven for experiencing whiplash when trying to create a double bill for some of these movies. Some films excelled by being able to break new ground, while others entertained with well-executed tried and true formulas. Some were an utter mess (and not simply in their murky CGI sequences). It could have been worse; viewers were denied anything quite as terrible as last year’s Fantastic Four. Then again, that is placing the bar quite low.

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Marvel Announces Generation X Creative Team

generation-x-teaserThe previously announced Generation X series will be written by Christina Strain who previously worked as a colorist on Runaways, World War Hulk, Spiderman Loves Mary Jane & Superman in addition to having worked in short films and being a staff writer on the Syfy TV series The Magicians. Generation X will have art by Amilcar Pinna of All New Ultimates, Green Lanterns: New Guardians & Superboy. More details at CBR

Marvel Reveals Creative Teams For Two New X-Men Series

xmenblue_teaserMarvel will be releasing two new X-Men team series titled X-Men Gold & X-Men Blue. X-Men Gold will be written by Marc Guggenheim of X-Men, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D & Squadron Sinister in addition to several of DC’s Arrowverse television series like Green Arrow, The Flash & Legends of Tomorrow. X-Men Gold will be drawn by Adrian Syaf of Action Comics, Batman/Superman, Batgirl & Brightest Day. X-Men Blue will be written by Cullen Bunn of Uncanny X-Men, Harrow County & Conan The Slayer with art from Jorge Molina of Star Wars, A-Force & Thor. More details at IGN