Loose Ends A Week In Review

Loose Ends 9/18/2015


This week, writer Brian Wood sent out an e-mail newsletter about the twitter mob mentality that while probably well meaning in it’s own way, was deeply stupid and showed a supreme lack of self awareness. Here is the original newsletter with  a paragraph above where Wood attempts to clarify some of what he said in his letter-Pat

As a victim of sexual abuse, David Zissou breaks down his disgust for Woods newsletter-Pat

Emma Houxbois describes just why the letter came off so dumb and tone deaf at the Rainbow Hub-Pat

Meanwhile, Sarah Horrocks thinks that people’s reactions on twitter to these controversies may be hurting more then it helps-Pat

Then comics writers Alex DeCampi & Joshua Hale Fialkov get REALLY real about the abuse they’ve seen in the comics industry-Pat

Justin Jordan talks about why the Image Comics $9.99 first trade price point doesn’t always work-Pat

Scott Snyder, Jock & Brian Azzarello talk to the Guardian about Batman #44-Pat

Scott Allie talks to Bleeding Cool about why he stepped down from the Editor In Chief role at Dark Horse Comics-Pat

Joe Quesada shows the comics pages he used to try to get Neil Gaiman to write X-Men-Pat

Rachel Edidan thinks your X-Men conspiracies are going way overboard-Pat

Brian Hibbs writes about the kind of absurd variant cover game DC Comics is playing with The Dark Knight III #1-Pat

Robot 6 profiles MY comic shop-Pat

And a years worth of Marvel Comics super weird, super early 90’s, Coolometer from Comics Should Be Good-Pat